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Mountain Standard Homes


Mountain Standard Homes is a premier home building and construction management company located along the Front Range of northern Colorado. Founded in 2016, Mountain Standard is the collaborative partnership of long time business associates Jeff Hanesworth, Stuart Birdsong, and Steven Feller.  With over 75 years of combined construction, real estate, and development experience, the trio exemplifies a very dynamic team of three bringing new and exciting homes to communities across the Front Range.

As a company based upon innovation and leading building trends, Mountain Standard brings an alternative option to a very homogeneous housing market. The company intently focuses on building homes that are distinguishable amongst the competition and are constructed with higher degrees of quality, efficiency, and style. 

Mountain Standard tactically engineers its construction processes and procedures to deliver excellence in operations. Therefore, quality, design, and luxury are inclusive of cost in a Mountain Standard home rather than an option in the competition’s.

Through the utilization of premium craftsmanship and analyzation of key performance metrics, Mountain Standard balances the art with the science of construction. This operational philosophy allows the company to better anticipate and adjust to variances in the construction process affecting cost, schedule, and product quality. In addition, Mountain Standard practices “Lean Manufacturing” whereas process efficiency, waste elimination, and value-added-only efforts are core beliefs and activities of its operations. The transformational construction and business methodologies used by Mountain Standard reduces the transactional expense of construction, thus allowing the company to build extraordinary homes at ordinary prices.

Mountain Standard Homes also embraces sustainability through its “built-to-last” business model and Green building designs and products. Strong fiscal principles, sound risk management strategies, value added business partnerships, and consistent consumer confidence are the fundamental drivers ensuring the business’ longevity. Similarly, Mountain Standard’s use of earth friendly materials and efficient construction practices enables the company to innovatively build with the least global impact(s).

With unwavering intentions to become the leading home builder in northern Colorado, Mountain Standard Homes is building the future of abundant altitude living today.

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