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Live On An 83-Acre Conservancy

Longs Peak Farms, a designated Conservation Development, consists of 83 Acres, of which ONLY 20% was developed into a pocket community of one-third to one-half acre lots. Nestled in a gorgeous rural setting, Longs Peak Farms is, and always will be, uniquely Berthoud.

longs peak farms bald eagles

A peaceful setting

Longs Peak Farms leaves 80% of the land undeveloped in its natural state, and one that houses a Colorado Division of Wildlife ‘buffer’ for Bald Eagles to mate and nest.

Professional Golf Association’s TPC Colorado Championship Golf Course

An active setting

Longs Peak Farms is located just south of the brand new Professional Golf Association’s TPC Colorado Championship Golf Course, and just west of downtown Berthoud, a ‘small-town,’ active, vibrant community.
Longs Peak Farms Homeowners

The perfect setting

Be one of the few to ‘set roots’ in a beautiful setting where you can enjoy the wildlife, an active lifestyle and a country feel. Longs Peak Farms Homeowners enjoy rural acreage with minimal maintenance conveniently located close to Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Denver, Fort Collins and Denver International Airport.

Bald Eagles, Our First Residents

longs peak farms bald eagles cotton woods

To the west of the homesights are several cottonwood trees that house Bald Eagles year round. Longs Peak Farms integrated the designated buffers the Colorado Division of Wildlife established, maintaining what is hopefully a Bald Eagle’s home for years to come. Enjoy these rare, and stunning reminders of America the beautiful.

Why We Love Berthoud

Incorporated in 1888, what began as a settlement grew to include a handful of homes, a blacksmith shop, a mercantile store, a small grain elevator, and a log cabin that served as school and church for the community. The tiny settlement known as Little Thompson was renamed Berthoud in honor of Edward L. Berthoud, who had surveyed the rail route through the valley. We are proud of what continues today: a small, friendly community and vibrant lifestyle.


Longs Peak Farms History

longs peak farms history

“A people without the knowledge of their past history,
origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

— Marcus Garvey

Longs Peak Farms honors the history of Maurice “Red” Haworth and his family. With over 100 years owning this land, the family’s roots are deep. From Berthoud’s first schoolhouse, to farming and raising sheep, the Haworth Family knew everything, and everyone in Berthoud.

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